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Dear MGSA,
Could you please circulate this call for submissions for the seminar “Translation and Transmission: Greece and the Globe” for 2021 ACLA Annual Meeting? Interested members must submit by 31 October 2020 via the ACLA website.
Kind regards,
Eleni Philippou
Translation and Transmission: Greece and the Globe
The movement of literary texts between languages and cultures is a non-linear, complex phenomenon. This panel aims to explore the translation and transmission of foreign texts from outside of Greece into the Hellenic literary sphere, but also, conversely, how Greek texts travel and are disseminated internationally. In this panel, we ask how and why specific cultural works move into and out of the Greek language in the ways that they do. We also hope to question why certain texts are translated, whereas others are totally ignored. We are particularly interested in the role of individual writers as agents in these processes of translation and transmission. Prominent Greek writers – for example, Kazantzakis, Alexandrou, Anghelaki-Rouke – not only have extensive readerships globally, but are often remembered as the spokespeople for non-Greek literature within Greece. However, as purveyors of literature (their own and that of others), these writers are not isolated examples, and their efforts lock into wider political, institutional, historical, and social systems.
We are interested in papers that explore the processes of translation and transmission of literary texts by examining:
- The role of writers as agents
- The role of émigré writers and communities
- The importance of cultural institutions, publishing houses, literary journals, or political figures/entities
- The importance of subject matter/genre/form/topicality
- The work of Pascale Casanova, Sarah Brouillette, Pierre Bourdieu, and/or other theories of cultural production and literary value

Abstracts can relate to texts from the late 19th century to the present, and may refer to the Greek islands or Cyprus. Abstracts of 150-200 words should be accompanied by a short biography of 50-100 words.
Organisers: Eleni Philippou; Panayiotis Xenophontos
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