[MGSA-L] REMINDER_FRIDAY NOV 6_ _MGSA Pedagogy Webinars_Part II: Aligning technologies and learning outcomes in the L2 classroom

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Thu Nov 5 06:51:34 PST 2020

Please join us for a practical and theoretically grounded presentation
on technologies and pedagogy. 

Research surrounding the role of technology in second language learning
and teaching has suggested a wide array of affordances for its use --
from its ability to connect learners to the target language and culture
through multiple modes and texts, to the opportunities it provides for
interacting and learning collaboratively (Chun, Kern, & Smith, 2016;
Gonzalez-lloret, 2020; Michelson & Dupuy, 2014; Thoms, 2018, 2020). With
seemingly infinite possibilities, how do language instructors decide
which technologies to use and what function they have in the classroom?
This webinar will present several strategies for approaching technology
use through course learning outcomes and curriculum design. It will
provide several examples of how to scaffold technology use purposefully
throughout a course and will highlight several key technologies that
have become more prominent over the last few years in the language

You may register here [1] 

You may register here [1] 

[1] https://forms.gle/ejoBidLhd6YoJG5p8
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