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This is superb I think and so many thanks to Judith et al!


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Ten years ago, I was at a musicology conference in Sarajevo, and ethnomusicologist  Risto Pekannen was talking about some very old recordings at EMI in London (Abbey Road!) ... to make a long story short, the following year, after talking with Risto about it, I was in London briefly for a conference and had arranged with the archivist at EMI to hear a couple – they wanted to charge about $50 per side but waived it. I got off the overnight flight, dashed through early morning rain to EMI and heard crystal clear recordings of two songs – and was also treated to a tour of mildly surreal holdings – gramophones, early set-ups of dog statues for “his master’s voice”, a record made of chocolate....

Ten years later and untold hours of hard and expert work by Edwin Seroussi (the first ethnomusicologist to win the Israel Prize, in 2018, and also recipient of an Honorary Membership recognition award at the Society for Ethnomusicology conference just last week) and by colleagues, many of whose work you already are happily familiar with, including Rivka Havassy, Joel Bresler, and Michael Aylward – who, I hadn’t realized, had already documented the Sephardic songs at EMI and managed to track down the recordings - and many other people, including sound technicians, copyright and legal consultants..... the Sephardic songs from this collection have been remastered, digitized, transcribed, annotated – and released! in Israel, by the Jewish Music Research Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It’s the 28th, and last recording project issued in physical form by the JMRC -but meanwhile, stream and read free of charge – and enjoy !!!!


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