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Dear all

The Laboratory of Narrative Research at the School of English, Aristotle
University of Thessaloniki, is organizing an one-day online symposium
titled “Art and Literature Narratives under Lockdown” on *Saturday 12
December 2020, 11:30-15:00*.

*Organizing Committee:*

   - Sophia Emmanouilidou (semma at enl.auth.gr)
   - Theodora Patrona (tpatrona at enl.auth.gr)
   - Maria Ristani (mristani at enl.auth.gr)
   - Effie Yiannopoulou (yiannopo at enl.auth.gr)

The COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown(s) have caused a huge rupture to the
structure and flow of the world as we know it. The creative industry has
been particularly afflicted by this awkward break in “normality”;
literature and the arts (be it theatre, cinema, music or painting) see
their working logics cancelled or dramatically altered, and seek new ways
of refashioning their narratives and of sharing them with the general
public. Online performances and concerts, virtual tours of galleries,
readings via social media and video streaming platforms are all examples of
this new era of literary and artistic production.

The purpose of this LNR event is to explore this “new normal” of the
creative sector in the COVID-19 era. How do artists, dancers, actors and
writers reinvent the ways in which literature and the arts narrate life and
how do they reach their readers, llisteners or viewers during the age of
compulsory online contact? Are the new cross-generic, cross-media aesthetic
forms that are produced as a result only to be seen as the art/creative
world’s short-term “survival tactics”, or are they here to stay and
influence narrative experience in the creative sector as we know it? How do
they make up for the loss of physical intimacy and how do they enrich,
reassess or are inspired  by the enforced experience of social distancing
and isolation that so much shapes our COVID era? How do they negotiate the
displacement of such staple “values” as the tactile, the bodily, the
intimate and the collective? How do they redefine (physical) space and
spatial dichotomies, such as distance and proximity, home intimacy and
public exposure?

The symposium will welcome a number of speakers (both scholars and
practitioners) who will address some of these concerns in a series of
online conversations which will also involve participants for a Q&A session.

Parallel to the event, a virtual exhibition of the School of English
students’ creative projects and initiatives, all produced during the first
lockdown period in Spring 2020, will also be available.

The symposium will be in Greek

For more information visit

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