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Cross-posting etc but possibly of interest.


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The University of Mississippi Press is having a $20.21 across the board sale on all publications, through December 15, including Greek Music in America , edited by Tina Bucuvalas. The price is the same for both soft and hard bound copies (the non-sale price for the hard bound copy is $90!!) Contributing authors to the book include Stavros Frangos, Tina Bucuvalas, Michael G Kaloyanides, Panayotis League, Joseph G Graziosi, Meletios Pouliopoulos, Jim Stoynoff, Sam Chianis, Anna Lomax Wood, among others ....The book was awarded the 2019 Vasiliki Karagiannaki Volume for Best Edited Book in Modern Greek Studies.
Website only sale.

University Press of Mississippi | University Press of Mississippi<https://www.upress.state.ms.us/>

University Press of Mississippi | University Press of Mississippi

The University Press of Mississippi (UPM) publishes books that interpret the South and its culture to the nation...

Happy Reading

Joe G

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