[MGSA-L] Hidden in Plain Sight: In Quest of Women and their Stories in Greek Museums

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Museum International,  Volume 72 (2020), issue 1-2
[ A special issue on the theme "Museums & Gender" ]

  Eleni Margari
  " Hidden in Plain Sight: In Quest of Women and their Stories in Greek
Museums " . [ pages 118-129 ]



"The National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Byzantine and Christian
Museum, the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture and the Museum of Cycladic Art
are among the finest museums in Greece. Their permanent collections include
splendid, important works of art and rare everyday objects that, arranged
chronologically, represent the evolution of life and history in the Greek
peninsula from prehistory to the 20th century. While these museums display
artefacts from different eras and communities, they fail to shed light on
gender issues and to tell inclusive stories. Even though many of the
objects within their permanent collections belonged to women, were made by
or for women, and depict women, very little is said of their lives and
social roles within their respective societies. This paper examines how and
whether the four aforementioned museums tell stories of women by examining
different elements within their exhibitions (objects, thematic sections,
texts, images, etc.), then suggesting new, feminist perspectives and
approaches for considering them. By drawing attention to history’s
overlooked women and celebrating their lives, we suggest how treasuries of
Greek civilisation might also become sites of social inclusion, diversity,
and equity."

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