[MGSA-L] Innovative Innovations Grant Recipient, Spring 2020: Penelope Papailias & the "Greek Future Archive of Socialities under Quarantine" project

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Thu Apr 30 06:55:28 PDT 2020

The MGSA is pleased to announce the award of an Innovative Initiatives
Grant to *Penelope Papailias, Associate Professor of Sociology, University
of Thessaly.* *The amount of the award is $1,000.* This initiative involves
the creation of a database of “cultural memory in the present” related to
the unfolding everyday experience of quarantine sociality in Greece during
the CoViD-19 pandemic, created by students and recent graduates of the
University of Thessaly, Department of History as well as members of the
Pelion Summer Lab. The participants in this project -- themselves
researchers-in-the-making -- will be gathering and annotating “documents”
(photographs, memes, videos, music, artworks), writing fieldnotes, and (on
a limited basis) conducting interviews.

We commend the "glocal (global + local) approach integrating global
theoretical debates with local concerns and knowledge production,
supporting a vision of world anthropologie*s *(against that of “extraction”
of ethnographic data from a Greek “field”). Rather than an area-studies
logic, then, a theoretically-innovative *and *ethnographically-rich Modern
Greek Studies informs-- and ideally is informed by--the proposed research."

The funds will be used for the licensing, data entry, dissemination of the
database, with priority being given to the translation of parts of the
project into English in order to communicate “Modern Greek Studies” subject
matter beyond Greek-language audiences. Activities also partially covered
by the funds include: building the database in Microsoft Access (will be
attempted in-house, depending on reopening of university) and producing a
small print public (“zine” format). Materials from the archive will be
presented on the department website and a dedicated page of the Pelion
Summer Lab  website.

Congratulations to Penelope Papailias & her collaborators in Thessaly, our
Spring 2020 recipients! The next deadline is *October 1.*


Vangelis Calotychos
MGSA Executive Director
Visiting Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Brown University
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