[MGSA-L] Greek Radio: Kristina Koinoglou and Antonia Zouridakis on life at and after Ohio State

Brown, Christopher brown.2583 at osu.edu
Sat Apr 18 12:38:50 PDT 2020

For Easter weekend, follow links below to enjoy this Greek radio broadcast by Antonia Zouridakis and graduating senior Kristina Koinoglou.

In this broadcast Kristina and Antonia are going live from their bedrooms (due to quarantine) to discuss their majors, classes, career plans, and what they did/are currently doing to get there! Kristina is a senior and will talk about her plans for optometry school next year and Antonia, who is a sophomore, will talk about plans for graduate school. Although they have different career plans, they discuss how many of the Greeks at OSU are in a STEM major and they talk about the overwhelming majority of pre-meds in Sigma. At the end of the broadcast they invite some friends, Niko Soulas and Nikhil Punwani, to talk about their college experience and career plans after graduation! Stay tuned for a whole broadcast dedicated to the Coronavirus pandemic, coming soon!


Greek Radio: Antonia & Kristina: Plans after Graduation<https://soundcloud.com/user-326902933/greek-radio-antonia-kristina-second-broadcast>

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