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Dear all,
I am a professor in the University of the Aegean and a poet! Recently I published a poetic collection in Greek and I would like to see it published in English. If you know anyone who would be interested in doing it please let me know. He/she must very good in both languages in order to grasp the poem.
My best regards
John Sakkas

Professor John Sakkas,
Modern History and International Relations
Director of Postgraduate Program
"Government, Development and Security in the Mediterranean"

Department of Mediterranean Studies,
University of the Aegean,
Leoforos Dimokratias 1
85 100 Rhodes,

campus office: 0030 2241099321
mobile: 0030 6972526935
Portal: https://aegean.academia.edu/JohnSakkas

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Yes, I remember our friend Rae, dear Orestes,
showing me a book of her translations of his poems,
which must have been published before I was born

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Μου έχει μείνει στην μνήμη μου μια αναφορά στον ποιητή από την εξαιρετική Rae Dalven, η πρώτη μεταφράστρια των Καβαφη και Ρίτσου στην Αμερική. Δεν θυμάμαι αν είχε μεταφράσει ποιήματα του.
Orestes Varvitsiotes
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Yiorgos Chouliaras

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