[MGSA-L] New Book: Hitler's Island War. The Men who Fought for Leros, by Dr. Julie Peakman (2018, IB Tauris)

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Thu Jun 7 13:15:14 PDT 2018

 ISBN-10: 1784532681; ISBN-13: 978-1784532680

|  |  I am an historian and author of Hitler's Island War. The Men who Fought for Leros, a specialised book about the little known part of the war the Battle of Leros fought in November 1943. I interviewed British soldiers who fought there as well as some Greek civilians and special forces runners.   The book is published by IB Tauris, soon to be taken over by the academic arm of Bloomsbury. Many thanks, Dr. Julie Peakman  |
|  Name *  |   Julie Peakman   |
|  Email *  |  juliepeakman at btinternet.com  |
|  Affiliation *  |  Birkbeck College, University of London  |


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