[MGSA-L] Obituary for John Chioles

Theofanis Stavrou stavr001 at umn.edu
Fri Feb 16 16:55:25 PST 2018

Thank you Professor Klironomos for sharing the obituary/commentary about
our colleague John Chioles.   I did not know him very well, but the few
occasions I had to interact with him were always pleasant, and they
stimulated good conversation and discussion.  I was particularly impressed
by his enthusiastic support of the graduate students wth whom he
interacted. I also wish to thank you for reminding us that he did in fact
translate Cavafy.  As I said on the occasion of the passing of Thanasis
Maskaleris, that generation is thinning fast and one cannot help but be
reminded and appreciative of their collegiality and their many
contributions to the profession.

May he rest in peace.

Theofanis (G. Stavrou)

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 1:36 PM, Martha Klironomos <mkliro at sfsu.edu> wrote:

> I have been asked to share this obituary of our dear friend and colleague,
> John Chioles.
> http://as.nyu.edu/complit/about/news/2017-2018/honoring-john-chioles.html
> Martha Klironomos
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> Thank you for letting us know.
> I was on the Executive Board when John Chioles was President and it was a
> sincere pleasure to serve with him. He will be missed by many of us.
> Martha Klironomos
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> Dear MGSA colleagues,
> I am writing to share the sad news that our friend and colleague John
> Chioles (MGSA President, 1995-97) passed away.
> Dimitri
> Dimitri Gondicas
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> Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies
> Princeton University
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