[MGSA-L] Europe’s Greek crisis in transition - A liberal approach

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Athanasios Grammenos, "Europe's Greek Crisis in transition - A
Liberal Approach," Policy Reports (Brussels: European Liberal Forum, 2017).

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The common currency has been an ambitious and complex experiment for
Europe, especially given the incomplete political and economic state of the
Union up to day. When in 2009 it became apparent that Greece could default
on its debt the Eurozone leadership felt the danger of a domino effect
strong enough to generate acute damage to the rest member states. Although
an adjustment program was agreed, and two more followed for Greece, the
situation is still grave. The systemic danger is no more but the country is
yet unable to recover despite the vast reform agenda it has carried through
so far. This paper tries to assess the cause of the ongoing Greek problem
in the context of the EU crisis, the efficiency of the applied policies and
discuss a liberal alternative to put Greece and the EU back in normality.

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