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George Gedeon g.gedeon at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 22 13:57:44 PST 2018

From mid 1941 to October 1945, Greece was under occupation by the Axis powers, official Italy abandoning its role in 43 and followed by Bulgaria in 44. Germany remained in control until October 1945.

With the exception of Bulgarian occupied territories, a tiny part of the country, Greece was administered by three successive collaborationist governments, with prime ministers and their cabinets, a regional governor (Greek Macedonia), mayors and municipal representatives and clerks, lawyers, accountants, banks, city police, gendarmes, security police, and from 1943-45 the infamous Security Battalions who actively fought against the Resistance. Even railway workers who transported thousands of Greeks to concentration camps in central Europe, found themselves caught up in that turmoil.

All of the above, in one way or another, reluctantly or actively cooperated, even collaborated with the Germans in their military and security interests, including the deportations of 62,000 Jews.

Adding insult to injury, thousands of Jewish properties were exploited and robbed by local opportunists and collaborators, their present day descendants comfortably living on what they inherited from their ancestors...

These painful and embarrassing facts have been dealt with in various publications by historians and victims, such as: Mark Mazower, Hagen Fleischer, Michael Molho, Joseph Nehama, Frangiski Ambatsopoulou, Robert Kaplan,  Joshua Eli Plaut, Munoz J. Antonio, John Louis Hondros, Fred Reed, Steven Bowman, Elias Matsas,  Yamtov Yakoel and WW2 Resistance newspapers and pamphlets.

During their trials, high-level collaborators explained their collaborationist roles as “necessary for the survival of Greece” or “having no choice but to cooperate with the Germans”…but I can’t recall any apologies, remorse or admissions of guilt in their defence statements.

Has anyone seen publications that deal with remorseful or apologetic narratives by those who played any role, reluctant or enthusiastic, in the destruction of Greek Jewry?

Thank you.

George Gedeon

Toronto, Canada

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