[MGSA-L] Two New Articles of Interest

Roland Moore rolandmo at pacbell.net
Thu Dec 20 05:15:56 PST 2018

From: William Stroebel <stroebel at gmail.com>

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'd like to announce two recent publications of mine that might be of interest to some:

The Hyphenated Hyphen: Turkish-in-the-Greek-script American Literature (Ergon)

Some Assembly Required: Suspending and Extending the Book with Cavafy's Collections (Book History) 

I would appreciate it if you could forward the first ("The Hyphenated Hyphen") to students, friends and community members in your area or beyond and encourage them, in turn, to forward the article to others.

Both articles are in tangential dialogue with the dissertation, which, if it's of interest, can be accessed here.

My best wishes for year's end,

Will Stroebel

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