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Dear Tom, Tasso and all,

shall we write a letter, collectively, protesting about this? We could address it to UIC but also get it published in Greek American media.


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Could you imagine the response among British historians to an ad that read  "We seek a scholar who works on British Studies, with broad expertise in British history and cultural production in any period from antiquity to the foundation of the British empire to the present. The candidate’s main research agenda may focus in either antiquity or modern times; nevertheless, the candidate will have to demonstrate competence, either through research or teaching, in all eras of British history.”— ie, from Boudicca to Brexit. First, no reputable history department would run such a search and, second, no reputable British historian would apply for it— they would simply laugh. Can you imagine someone saying “I work on Britain and the empire during WW1, but, sure, I can teach Roman Britain.” Not likely given that they are completely different fields of study! UIC should be ashamed of itself  for running such a ludicrous search.

Dr. Thomas W. Gallant

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Well put, Tasso,

This is not the first time we have seen such announcements. This is an insult not only to the field itself but to the numerous modern Greek historians who have made us all proud with their stellar work. In my opinion historians have been leading the field in the last fifteen years or so. I take off my hat to all of you.


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Dear colleagues,

(sic) « the candidate will have to demonstrate competence, either through research or teaching, in all eras of Greek history »

WoW! I thought Plato to NATO courses were  outdated, but UIC actually proves to the ignoramus that I am,  that there exist Plato to NATO scholars who can do research or teaching from the Minoans and Mycenaeans to Greek-Americans without forgetting Classical Antiquity, the Hellenistic kingdoms, the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, Frankish and Venetian Mediterranean, the Ottoman Empire, Greece, diaspora Greeks, and wouldn’t that be fancy if that person could also know Greek Judaism and Greek Islam?

Please let me know who these UberScholars are. I already have trouble catching up with reading scholarship on two miserable centuries and  doing research in four languages, that I am really looking forward learning from the mentoring of their likes, since they can juggle with centuries, and even millennia,  on their fingertips. Oh, they must exist since UIC has identified a field.

And when one thinks, that I was being  petty enough to believe that what they might really be looking for is for a classicist  who because they have been to Greece as tourists or speak Greek, actually « qualify »  as experts  on all the other periods…

More prosaically: The fact that this position stems out of the suppression of a purely Modern Greek lecturer position, and risks,  just as in other recent cases,  turning into a glorified classicist’s position is not just cause for frustration and despair, but outrage, especially given the circumstances and UIC’s track record in Greek studies.

With sincere concern,

Tassos Anastassiadis
History and Classical Studies Department
McGill University


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Dear friends, please take note:


Warmest wishes,


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