[MGSA-L] Fw: Statement of Protest (and the facts)

DIMITRAS PANAGIOTIS helsinki at otenet.gr
Sun Aug 13 01:54:17 PDT 2017

Spiros thanks a lot!

It is the first time I see it and it makes full sense why ARB has not 
published it, nor have its supporters sought to find it, as properly 
quoting it would dispel the biased references to the reasoning. In fact 
now I have my doubts if the ECtHR can find a violation of freedom of 
expression as the judgment states that the extreme characterizations of 
K were an aggravated defamation (and not a simple libel or even simple 
defamation) as they were based on false "facts" presented emphatically 
as real facts beyond any reasonable doubt. I now understand why 
Vasilakis has repeatedly written that when the lawsuit was first filed 
he had asked for information corroborating the facts that Pappas never 
produced: it was evidently related to what the courts subsequently ruled 
as false "facts."

Στις 2017-08-13 00:02, Spiros Moschonas έγραψε:
> why, there it is:
> http://www.areiospagos.gr/nomologia/apofaseis_DISPLAY.asp?cd=TFPHINDWD34I3K8W0R4292593NI7EK&apof=697_2017&info=%D0%CF%CB%C9%D4%C9%CA%C5%D3%20-%20%20%C11
> On Aug 12, 2017 6:35 PM, DIMITRAS PANAGIOTIS <helsinki at otenet.gr> 
> wrote:
>> Since this topic has reached this academic list, may I point out that
>> despite public calls (eg. Richardos Someritis on Facebook) the exact
>> reasoning of the judgment against the ARB has NEVER been published;
>> hence NOONE can say with certainty why the court ruled that way 
>> (though
>> most likely in a way abusive of ECtHR case law). One wonders why
>> Vasilakis, Kanellis and Pappas have not published the reasoning if not
>> the whole judgment (as for example the "Richter trials" judgment has
>> been published).
>> Panayote Dimitras

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