[MGSA-L] NYC fundraiser dinner for unaccompanied refugee children in Greece

Brown, Christopher brown.2583 at osu.edu
Tue May 24 12:07:51 PDT 2016

I transmit below  and in the attachment the announcement for a fundraising dinner next week in NYC, sponsored by the Bodossaki Foundation;  the sole aim of this event is to provide critical support for the safety and wellbeing of Unaccompanied Refugee Children in Greece.

There is a fundraising dinner being organized on the 2nd of June at the Metropolitan Club of New York in order to support unaccompanied refugee children in Greece. Attached please find a copy of the invitation. The event is co-organised by Lifeline New York, a humanitarian organization established by Princess Aikaterini of Serbia which happens to be of Greek Origin.

The Bodossaki Foundation is one of the largest privately owned public-benefit organizations in Greece, working to promote the provision of health care, education, environmental protection and the strengthening of civil society. With over 40 years of existence and 400 million of regranting experience, the Foundation has deep knowledge of the non-profit sector in Greece, especially of those NGOs treating socially vulnerable groups. Our latest initiative, the centre of philanthropy in our foundation called ‘Giving for Greece’<http://www.giving.org.gr/en>, and the thematic programme for unaccompanied refugee children<http://www.giving.org.gr/en/slider-home-english/uam-2/> arriving in the country, gathers all the important NGOs currently working in the field and offers a holistic approach of more than 50 NGO services that are critical for the wellbeing of the refugees and especially children. Also, we hope that by reaching out to partners and donors across the World, together, we will make a difference where it matters most, ensuring the current and long-term safety and well-being of unaccompanied children. More specifically, through Giving for Greece we provide a tailor-made approach for anyone interested in supporting a project in Greece with the maximum impact.
In addition, the Foundation was appointed in 2012 as Fund Operator of the European Economic Area Grants (EEA Grants) for NGOs in Greece, becoming the first and only private organization managing EEA Funds in Greece. Through the EEA Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to reducing social and economic disparities and to strengthening bilateral relations with the beneficiary countries in Europe. The Programme, now in its final phase, has supported more than 70 NGOs in Greece, working on human rights, welfare services, advocacy and sustainable development and has reached approximately 100.000 end beneficiaries mainly coming from vulnerable groups such as children, youth and minorities, immigrants and asylum seekers, victims of hate speech and hate crime, victims of human trafficking, homophobia, anti-Semitism or domestic violence.

Our experienced team works on the basis of procedures, processes and tools which allow for the monitoring, implementation and evaluation of the re-granting programs to be executed in an impeccable manner.  We already have in place tailor-made management and control systems which are based on international standards for monitoring and reporting, used for the operation of the EEA Grants NGO Programme for Greece. It is worth mentioning that this particular programme has the highest absorption rate among the other EEA Grants Programmes in Greece while, although still in implementation, we have by far exceeded our impact measurement targets.

[Beschreibung: cid:image001.gif at 01CC26C5.8B90D7C0]

Bodossaki Foundation
5 Vas. Georgiou II Ave.
10674 Athens

Tel.  +30 210-3222042
Fax. +30 210-3237971
laganopoulos at bodossaki.gr<mailto:laganopoulos at bodossaki.gr>
Find us www.facebook.com/bodossakifoundation<http://www.facebook.com/bodossakifoundation>

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