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CFP: Culture and Communication in Anatolia: Past, Present and Future
by Murat ErdemYour network editor has reposted this from H-Announce. The byline reflects the original authorship.Type: Call for PapersDate: June 15, 2016 to June 17, 2016Location: TurkeySubject Fields: Anthropology, Communication, Cultural History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies, Social Sciences

Culture and Communication in Anatolia: Past, Present and Future

June 15-17, 2016 |  Atılım University, Ankara, Turkey

Deadline For Paper Proposals: MAY 27, 2016
The Public Relations and Advertising department at Atılım University, Ankara, Turkey, proudly presents an international symposium on culture and communication with distinguished international and national speakers that most of us can hardly ever have a chance to meet, listen to and talk with. Atılım University invites you to submit a research paper for the international symposium on “Culture and Communication in Anatolia: Past, Present and Future”. We welcome qualitative or quantitative research papers that critically explore any time period and subject in the history of Anatolia or Ankara, including interdisciplinary connections with social, economic, political, anthropological, and archeological areas. We are interested in presentations not only by graduate students, research assistants and academicians, but also by researchers, scholars, historians, museum staff and communication professionals with no affiliation with any university.
Theme of symposium
The symposium consists of three interrelated sections:The main themes of first two sections are confined within the framework of historical and/or critical assessment of life in Anatolia in general and Ankara and surroundings in specific. There is no specified historical time limit on subject of presentations. It is expected that presentations establish connections with culture which is broadly defined as the way/mode of production of life and communication which is defined as the necessary condition of physical/biological and societal existence and survival of human beings.The main theme of the third section is dedicated to “Culture and Communication: challenge of the Present and Future under Globalization.” There is no limit on historical time and place for presentations; however presentations are expected to establish global and local/glocal connections.Based on the above basic themes, presentations are invited on topics including but not limited to the followings:   
   - Archeological, anthropological, social, political and cultural expressions of life in Anatolia/Ankara (in any period or periods)
   - Social structures and/or cultural and communicative interactions in Anatolia (e.g. Anatolia in general, Ankara and surroundings or central Anatolia in any historical period)
   - Networks of economic and political transactions/communications (roads etc systems) and their aims and functions.
   - Material and immaterial cultures and cultural artifacts/expressions
   - Formation, maintenance, development/change and/or production relations within the organized social, economic and political structure(s).
   - Transmission, diffusion, exchange, domination, struggle, appropriation, development, transformation, acculturation, hybridization, disappearance or elimination of cultures and communication.
   - Critically assessing culture and communication within macro, meso or micro structures and structural relations, including ideology, domination and struggle
   - Daily practices of reproduction of life
   - Reproduction of organized relations and structures
   - Reproduction of social and economic practices
   - Reproduction of consciousness, ways of thinking, deciding and evaluation
   - Nature of communicative actions at macro, meso or micro levels in order to reproduce prevailing modes of material and immaterial life
   - Challenge of the present and future of the world in general and/or any geographical or political unit(s) in specific (e.g., Middle east, Anatolia, Ankara or any country such as Turkey)
For further information  please visit Symposium web site : http://symposium2016.atilim.edu.trProf.Dr.İrfan Erdoğan  Contact Info: 
Email: symposium2016 at atilim.edu.tr
Assist. Prof. Dr. Elif Sonmez +90 (312) 586 8657 Research Assist. Begum Ugur +90 (312) 586 8613 Fax:       +90 (312) 586 8091 Address: Atılım University Kızılcasar Köyü 06836 Incek Ankara TURKEYContact Email: symposium2016 at atilim.edu.trURLhttp://symposium2016.atilim.edu.tr/
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