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New article, published 26 July 2016

*Realignment Under Stress:The July 2015 Referendum *

*and the September Parliamentary Election in Greece*

*By Emmanouil Tsatsanis and Eftichia Teperoglou*


The victory of the radical left SYRIZA in the September 2015 elections 
confounded expectations given the failure of the SYRIZA-ANEL government 
formed in January either to deliver on its central promise of reversing 
austerity policies or to capitalise on its major victory in the July 
referendum. The article examines both the election and the referendum 
which preceded it, offering an explanation for SYRIZA’s victory. It also 
attempts to trace the trajectory of the current party system in Greece 
and its ongoing realignment process in light of the 2015 electoral 
contests and the busy political timeline since the formation of the 
first SYRIZA-ANEL government.

*Keywords*: Greek Elections; Greek Referendum; SYRIZA; Austerity; 
Economic crisis; Party System Realignment

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