[MGSA-L] New article on Golden Dawn

Susannah Verney deplan at otenet.gr
Fri Jul 22 03:18:23 PDT 2016

Just out (22 July) in /South European Society and Politics/

*Institutional Grievances and Right-wing Extremism: Voting for Golden 
Dawn in Greece *

By Iasonas Lamprianou and Antonis A. Ellinas


/This article examines the effect of institutional grievances on extreme 
right voting by using an original survey to analyze voter support for 
the Greek Golden Dawn.The article first examines various theories of 
extreme right voting and then develops the concept of institutional 
grievances.Using Structural Equation Modeling, it shows that that the 
strongest correlates of GD voting are those capturing institutional 
grievances.Economic grievances have a limited, and cultural grievances a 
moderate effect on GD voting.The article compares the findings with 
those of the broader literature on extreme right voting.It concludes 
with some suggestions on how to link the findings with broader 
developments in Europe. /

Key words: Golden Dawn, extreme right, voting, institutional grievances, 
economic conditions, immigration

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