[MGSA-L] Time to book your travel for the Hydra Rebetiko Gathering - Thursday 29 September to Sunday 2 October

Ed Emery ed.emery at thefreeuniversity.net
Wed Aug 31 04:07:30 PDT 2016

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Dear All,

You are invited to join us on the (more than) delightful island of Hydra for
our 15th annual Rebetiko Gathering.

Our gathering is not a big thing - it is a few friends getting together and
making rebetiko music in a very nice place. And on the Saturday night we do
an open-air concert where the people of the Island come and join us.

Plus jam sessions at the harbourside, good food, and excellent swimming!

Our dates this year are 29 September to Sunday 2 October, with the main
concert happening on Saturday 1 October.

We hope that you will be able to come.

Bring instruments, bring a song, bring friends!

This year the Saturday concert will be played by Spyros Bolovinis and
friends, together with our lovely friend, singer Eleni Polymenopoulou 
(complete with baby!).

If you have any queries about the arrangements, feel free to write and ask.

With rebetological greetings,


PS: Clip of Spyros at SOAS, singing "Iovan Tsaous". Delicious.


And a little film that someone from the island made of our 2010 Hydra


PPS: For accommodation on the island, our friend Panayiotis Gavalias, one of
the island's pharmacists, is very helpful, and has lovely rooms at the
"Alexandra Guesthouse". You can contact him directly at

Panayiotis Gavalias <pangavalias at gmail.com>

Or through the online booking site here:


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