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Karen Rhoads Van Dyck vandyck at columbia.edu
Thu Aug 25 02:14:08 PDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

In case you haven't heard our dearly beloved colleague Ed Malefakis passed
away on August 22nd. Here is what his hometown newspaper had to say. I am
sure there will be many other remembrances to share.

For my part I will never forget the heated discussions we would have about
how to teach Modern Greek history and literature when I first arrived at
Columbia. I wanted to start in the present and move backwards so that
students would encounter less familiar texts and *katharevousa* at the end
of the semester. Ed was adamant that we begin at the beginning and progress
chronologically. I learned so much from him about the order of things.

I am also grateful for all his efforts on behalf of Modern Greek at the
institutional level. It was through his generosity and perseverance,  as
well as Dorothy Gregory's, that Modern Greek came to have a home at
Columbia in the 1980s.

In gratitude, Karen

Karen Van Dyck
Kimon A. Doukas Professor
Modern Greek Language and Literature
Classics Department, Columbia University
Measures <http://www.penguin.co.uk/books/austerity-measures/9780241250631/>
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