[MGSA-L] Zonars: The Revival of an Iconic Legend in the Heart of Athens

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Zonars: The Revival of an Iconic Legend in the Heart of Athens

By Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi - Aug 6, 2016

The iconic restaurant of the late 30s, Zonars, located in the center of
Athens on the corner of Voukourestiou and Panepistimiou, has seen a
restoration of its status, thanks to a revival project that took a couple
of years to complete.

Originally established in 1938, the restaurant was the idea of a Greek
chocolatier living in the USA, Karolos Zonaras.

Zonaras had the vision to dub the restaurant “the best restaurant in the
best location in Athens,” and once upon a time, celebrities such as Sophia
Loren, Melina Mercouri and Anthony Quinn dined there.

Nowadays, the unique Athenian icon is back in business, thanks to Pireaus
Bank who took out a long-term lease on the city-block-spanning building and
invited a revival project headed by Chrysanthos and Spyros Panas.

“The Bank approached us, knowing that we shared the same vision of
establishing City Link as Athens’ new city neighborhood and that we’d give
our all in order to see the success of the project,” Chrysanthos said to

“But I told them that if they wanted us to work on the Stoa properties,
Zonars would have to be a part of the deal.”

In the end, the revival project included City Bistro and Bar de Theatre
inside Stoa Spyromiliou which runs through the heart of the building, as
well as the redesigning of Zonars.

The menu is as historical as the building and restaurant. You can order
dishes and desserts such as “Mrs. Erietta’s Favorite,” “Valentino’s
Favorite,” and even “Queen Sofia’s Mints.”

“We added all these details in order to keep the history of the place
alive!” Chrysanthos said.

*On a note of particular interest, the National and Kapodistrian University
of Athens is even celebrating the iconic Zonars, and is currently offering
a PhD Museum Studies course titled, Zonars: Then and Now.*

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