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I wondered whether anyone could assist Laura on this query.


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Hi there EEFC listserve

I'm writing this in the off chance that someone has some inside information on the origin of this song, sung by, well, just about everybody.  Both the kithara.to and stixoi.info<http://stixoi.info> sites give no composer, and claim that it is traditional.  I found one website where someone had written that it was originally an instrumental piece called Smyrneiki Kantada, and that the late great santouri master Aristeidis Moshos has written the lyrics, but I can find no other evidence of this.  Moshos had a piece by that name on an album of his tunes, but that album is apparently only available on vinyl or cassette, and the tune, as played by him, does not appear to be available on YouTube.

stixoi.info: ???????????<http://stixoi.info/>
??? ???????? ??????? ??????, ????????? ??? ??????????? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ???????.

Can anyone help?

Laura  3:)
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