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Ilias Kolokouris iliaskolok at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 01:35:25 PDT 2015

Dear members of the list,

The Telepaideia courses are back online! Modern greek lessons,

amongst others, are offered. Lessons begin the week of September 27th

and you are welcome to join us.


Ηλίας Κολοκούρης

Telepaideia: Latin and Greek Online
[image: Telepaideia]
Program Description

Telepaideia allows you to study active Latin and Greek with our expert
teachers from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and
an internet connection.

Normal courses meet weekly for one hour and cover a range of classical
authors and themes. Intensive courses meet four times per week for one
hour. All courses are 10 weeks long, beginning the week of *September 27th.*

See below for more information on individual course offerings and times.
Professional development credit is available for high school teachers.

Telepaideia Offerings for Fall 2015Conversational Latin and Greek

Conversational Latin and Ancient Greek classes taught online in small
Conversational Ancient Greek for Beginners

*Course Description*: This Greek conversation class is designed to allow
participants to practice speaking Greek as an active language.
*Level*: This course is intended for beginner and intermediate Greek
speakers who know the basics of Greek grammar.
*Textbook*: Instructor will provide materials.
*Schedule*: Sundays at 2pm EST
*Instructor*: Zoltán Tomkó
*Tuition*: $200.
*Sections capped at*: 5 students.
Intermediate Conversational Latin

*Course Description*: This Latin conversation class is designed to allow
participants to practice speaking Latin as an active language.
*Level*: This course is intended for intermediate Latin speakers
*Textbook*: Lingua Latina per se illustrata: Roma Aeterna

*Schedule*: Mondays at 8pm EST
*Instructor*: Marcello Lippiello

*Tuition*: $200.
*Sections capped at*: 5 students.
Modern Greek for Classicists

*Course Description*: A course designed for students who know Ancient Greek
and would like to learn the modern Greek language.
*Level*: This course is intended for beginners with knowledge of Ancient
*Textbook*: Instructor will provide materials.
*Schedule*: Tuesdays at 12pm EST
*Instructor*: Ilias Kolokouris
*Tuition*: $200.
*Sections capped at*: 5 students.

To register for a Telepaideia course, please fill out this online
enrollment and payment form <http://goo.gl/forms/CRnTCNT3QT>. If you have
any questions, please email info at paideia-institute.org.
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