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*The A.S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies at New York University
invites you cordially to our Fall 2015 Film Series*

*curated by Visiting Assisting Professor Eleftheria Astrinaki*


*Click HERE <http://hellenic.as.nyu.edu/page/film> for Film Descriptions on
our website (also attached as a PDF below)*



*[image: Inline image 1]*

*Watch the trailer for this week's film, **Tungsten**, here:


The A.S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies at New York University proudly
presents a Film Series of independent films coming from the European
periphery—the so-called P.I.G.S. (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain)—and
concerned with the profound economic crisis that has hit these countries
since 2010. This is a great opportunity for students and cinema buffs to
watch independent films hardly known to American audiences on the big
screen and to consider the creative response filmmakers have had to the
crisis as they also launch a new and encouraging direction for their
national cinemas.


SILVER CENTER, RM.410 (Entrances: 31 Washington Pl. & 24 Waverly Pl.)

*Please bring Photo ID for NYU Public Safety to be admitted to the building*

*New York, NY 10003 | 212.998.3979 <212.998.3979>*


*September 3: Xenia, dir. Panos Koutras, 2014*

Warmly received by Cannes crowds following its premiere in the Un Certain
Regard series, Xenia advocates immigrant and gay rights, and rejects
patriarchal forms of authority.

*September 10: Stratos, dir. Yannis Economides, 2014*

Screened in the Competition Section of 2014 Berlinale, Stratos is a solid
crime thriller clearly influenced by film noir dramas that addresses
Greece’s economic and moral crisis with cynicism and grit.

*September 17: Tungsten, dir. Giorgos Georgopoulos, 2011*

A day in the life of desperate Athenians in black and white cinematography,
a super low budget film that has received awards in several Mediterranean
film festivals.

*September 24: Agora, From Democracy to the Market, dir. Giorgos
Avgeropoulos, 2014*

Agora has not yet finished its cycle at documentary film festivals
worldwide but it already has received several awards and much critical
acclaim. Avgeropoulos’ lens offers a chronicle of the Greek crisis from its
early stages (the film was made over the span of four years) and of its
impact on ordinary people.



*October 1: Blood of my Blood**, dir. **João Canijo, **2011*

Having received awards at, among other venues, the San Sebastian Film
Festival, Blood of my Blood is a masterful portrait of a typical low class
Portuguese family living in the roughest Lisbon neighborhood.

*October 8: Tabu, dir. Miguel **Gomes, 2012*

Lots of awards, including at the prestigious Berlinale, Tabu is an
enriching and poetic film split into two sections: from “paradise
lost”—shot in 35mm film—unfolding in present day Lisbon we move back to a
colonial past and to the “paradise” of Mozambique—shot in 16mm film.

*October 15: A Girl of Her Age, dir. **Márcio Laranjeira, 2015*

A docudrama that hasn’t never premiered in US, a story of a girl moving
from the north to Lisbon and then back to the north, even though the return
seemed unthinkable.



*October 22: Beautiful Youth, dir. Jaime Rosales, 2014*

Awarded at Cannes, Beautiful Youth points to the bitterly
difficult situation confronted by a young couple, and by so many others of
their generation, in a country that struggles under the weight of austerity

*October 29: Story of my Death, dir. Albert Serra, 2013*

Locarno International Film Festival Golden Leopard winner, in the Story of
my Death Casanova meets Dracula in beautiful chiaroscuros reminiscent of
Caravaggio tableaux.

*November 5: Illusion, dir. **Daniel Castro, 2013*

A low-budget comedy and self-reflexive film about a filmmaker pursuing
finance for his ambitious debut film.



*November 12: The Wonders, dir. Alice Rohrwacher, 2014*

This awarded-winning Cannes film presents a coming-of-age story that takes
place in the countryside between Umbria-Lazio and Tuscany, where a family
lives out of their apiary. The Wonders offers tender praise for a kind of
life that western societies have left behind.

*November 19: **Black Souls**, dir. Francesco Munzi, 2014*

This mafia picture received lots of awards and a nomination for Venice’s
Golden Lion. It narrates the story of three brothers from Calabria whose
choices and attitudes lead them to different lives.

*December 3: Four Times, dir. Michelangelo Frammartino, 2010*

This docu-fiction film taking place in Calabria and following the routine
of a shepherd and his anarchic goats, has received awards at film festivals
around the world, including festivals in London, Munich, Cannes, Reykjavik,
San Diego, and Buenos Aires.

*December 10: Surprise Film* Waiting for a special film to be released,
will be revealed later in the semester.


*About Visiting Assistant Professor Eleftheria Astrinaki*

*Eleftheria Astrinaki is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. She
received her MFA in Film from Columbia University and teaches the history
and theory of cinema at the School of Fine Arts at the National Technical
University of Athens. She is a member of several art collectives in Greece,
and an active participant in the contemporary art scene in Athens.*

*For more information on her courses this semester, click here


For any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Malvina H. Kefalas
Program Administrator
A.S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies
New York University
285 Mercer Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10003
(212) 998-3979

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