[MGSA-L] Princeton Hellenic Studies: Courses Offered, Fall 2015

Dimitri H. Gondicas gondicas at Princeton.EDU
Tue Sep 15 13:34:53 PDT 2015

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Dear colleagues,

Below please find a listing of our Hellenic Studies courses offerred, fall 2015.

Names of instructors and course descriptions are available at: http://www.princeton.edu/hellenic/courses/

Best wishes,

Dimitri Gondicas


Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies



FRS 109: Who Was or Is Jesus?

FRS 119: Socrates: Moral Philosophy and the Philosophical Life

FRS 125: Culture and the Soul


HLS 101/MOG 101: Elementary Modern Greek

HLS 105/MOG 105: Intermediate Modern Greek

COM 205/HLS 203: The Classical Roots of Western Literature

PHI 205/CLA 205/HLS 208: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

CLA 212/HUM 212/GSS 212/HLS 212: Classical Mythology

CLA244/CHV244/HLS 243/POL 337: Greek Politics in Practice and Theory

CLA 245/HLS 244/GSS 245/MED 245: Sex and Salvation in Early Christian Literature

ART 301/HLS 301: The Art of the Iron Age: The Near East and Early Greece

POL 301/CLA 301/HLS 303: Ancient and Medieval Political Theory

CLA 324/HIS 328/HLS 322: Classical Historians and Their Philosophies of History

CLA 333/HLS 333/PHI 331: Religion and Philosophy in the Roman Empire

COM 369/HLS 361: Reading the Greek Crisis

HIS 428/HLS 428/MED 428: Empire and Catastrophe

ART 430/HLS 430: Medieval Art: Writing on the Image


CLA 506/HLS 506: Greek Tragedy: Tragedy, the Tragic, and the Nonhuman:  The Bacchae

POL 510/CLA 527/HLS 509: Texts in Ancient and Medieval Political Theory

MUS 511/HLS 511: Problems in Early Christian Music: Music and the Medieval Memory

CLA 529/HLS 529: Topics in the Hellenic Tradition: German Perceptions of Classical Greece

FRE 529/HLS 528/COM 529: After Odysseus: Hospitality, France, and the Mediterranean

CLA 547/HLS 547: Problems in Ancient History:  Sacred Space

CLA548/HLS548/ART548/PAW548: Ancient and Medieval Numismatics

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