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I would like to use this opportunity to draw attention to a unique historical documentary titled German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (1945/2014), which is the British Ministry of Information documentary about German atrocities and the concentration camps. The documentary was initially produced by Sidney Bernstein with Richard Crossman and Colin Wills as script writers and Alfred Hitchcock as treatment advisor. Interestingly, the project was aborted in September 1945 and the film's restoration was completed seventy long years later by film scholars at the Imperial War Museum. The restored film had its world premiere early in 2014 at the Berlin Film Festival and was subsequently featured in a limited number of venues.  http://www.iwm.org.uk/about-iwm/projects-and-partnerships/german-concentration-camps-factual-survey-film
In a recorded Q&A session (shown in the YouTube video clip below), restoration project director Dr. Toby Haggith discusses the newly restored film with his Imperial War Museum colleagues Holocaust learning officer Rachel Donnelly and restoration editor George Smith together with historical advisor Dr. Jeremy Hicks, author/former inmate of Bergen-Belsen Professor Peter Lantos, Sidney Bernstein’s daughter Jane Wells and Sidney Bernstein’s son David. A must see.
On a personal note, I fully subscribe to the view expressed by my esteemed colleague Professor Peter Lantos that the "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (1945/2014)" ought to be part of Holocaust Education at an early secondary school level especially in the face of rising anti-Semitic manifestations and growing popularity of neo-Nazi movements throughout Europe, including the Jobbik party in his native country Hungary. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/concerns-as-neonazi-jobbik-party-wins-20-of-hungary-vote-9244541.html  
  N.B. Professor Peter Lantos is a world renowned neuropathologist with numerous meritorious scientific contributions who inspired me -33 years ago- to pursue a career in this field and to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for his mentorship, support, and encouragement throughout the years. http://www.peter-lantos.com/medical-discoveries/
As a writer, Peter Lantos is the author of the book Parallel Lines, "... the story of a young boy’s journey from a sleepy provincial town in Hungary through war-torn Europe to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen." http://www.peter-lantos.com/books/parallel-lines/

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Christos D. Katsetos, MD, PhD, FRCPath, FRCP Edin https://www-future.drexel.edu/medicine/Faculty/Profiles/Christos-Katsetos/http://www.stchristophershospital.com/find-a-physician/120  
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