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Dear members of the list,

It is with great sadness and deep sense of loss that I announce the 
death of Jean-François Bonhomme, a close friend, eminent photographer, 
and devoted friend of Greece.  Born in 1943, Bonhomme was interested in 
the questions on time and space that surround the practice of 
photography, and in the philosophical and literary dimensions of cinema. 
He initially studied film at the French Film Institute under Noël Burch, 
before pursuing his studies in philosophy at the University of Paris 
VIII, mainly with Deleuze<http://monoskop.org/Gilles_Deleuze> and 
Lyotard, while participating in the seminars of Roland Barthes __and 
Michel Foucault at the Collège de France. Since 1982, he devoted himself 
mainly to photography. He lived between Paris and Athens (or, better 
said, between Paris and Markopoulo). In 1996 he collaborated with 
Jacques Derrida in the volume /Athens, Still Remains: The Photographs of 
Jean-François Bonhomme <http://monoskop.org/log/?p=8964>/. On Helen 
Tartar's initiative the book was eventually trans. from the Greek by 
Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas, and was published by Fordham 
University Press, New York, [1996], 2010.

In 2004 I had the good fortune to collaborate with Bonhomme in a 
photographic project that was organized by the Municipality of 
Markopoulo and the Benaki Museum under the title /East of Attica. 
Photographs 1930-1970 /eventually published by the Benaki Museum 

We have lost a great talent and a great human being.

Neni Panourgia


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