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*FALL 2015*
Website: http://hellenic.columbia.edu/
        Email: hellenic at columbia.edu
Twitter: @hellenicCU
Facebook: ColumbiaHellenic
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Maria Hadjipolycarpou TR 10:10am-12:00pm  613 Hamilton Hall (Cultural
Dictionary/Conversation F 10:10am-11:00am 613 Hamilton Hall). *This is a
year-long course for students who wish to learn Greek as it is written and
spoken in Greece today. As part of the learning process students will
acquire the necessary skills to read texts of moderate difficulty and
converse on a wide range of topics. The class will explore Modern Greece’s
cultural landscape from political graffiti to the poetry of the Cypriot
poet Costas Montis to *parea*. *Friday class is a separate conversation
hour. *

Hadjipolycarpou TR 12:10pm-2:00pm 613 Hamilton Hall.* This year-long course
is designed for students who are already familiar with the basic grammar
and syntax of Modern Greek language and can communicate at an elementary
level. It aims to develop the students’ proficiency in understanding,
speaking, writing, and reading Modern Greek. In addition to these skills,
students will be exposed to contemporary cultural material (websites,
newspapers, documentary film, literature, music) that will allow them to
get a grasp of the vibrant life, language, and culture of Greece
today. *Prerequisites:
GRKM V1101-V1102 or the equivalent. Corequisites: Students are also
required to take the conversation class, GRKM W1211.*

11:10am-12:00am 613 Hamilton Hall. *For students in GRKM V1201, but also
open to students not enrolled in GRKM V1201, who wish to improve their
spoken Modern Greek.

*ADVANCED MODERN  GREEK-GRKM V3001. 3pts. Maria Hadjipolycarpou MW
4:10pm-5:25pm 613 Hamilton Hall. *This semester we will continue to build
language skills but with particular attention to speaking and writing Greek
at the university level. We will focus on such topics as diaspora, history,
politics, and identity. We will use materials from literature, critical
essays, historiography, film, and mass media as a way to advance knowledge
in Modern Greek literature and culture. In addition we will explore the
diversity of Greek language as it is spoken in different regions and gain
understanding of its evolution through time. Materials include: essays
(Seferis, Theotokas); newspaper articles; television interviews (Flessa and
Papanikolaou); advertisement; stand-up-comedy (Lazopoulos); music
(art-song, rebetika, hip-hop); theatre (Demetriades); literature (Roides,
Papadiamantis, Kazantzakis, Lymberaki, Karapanou, Galanaki, Charalambides,
Chatzopoulos, Chouliaras). *Prerequisites: **GRKM V1201 or the equivalent.*

W4300. 4pts. Karen Van Dyck R 4:10pm-6:00pm 613 Hamilton Hall.* By
examining Cavafy's work in all its permutations (as criticism, translation,
adaptation), this course introduces students to a wide range of critical
approaches used in World Literature, Gender Studies, and Translation
Studies.  The Cavafy case becomes an experimental ground for different
kinds of comparative literature methods, those that engage
social-historical issues such as sexuality, diaspora, postcoloniality as
well as linguistic issues such as multilingualism, media and translation.
How does this poet "at a slight angle to the universe" challenge
contemporary theories of gender and literature as national institution? How
can studying a canonical author open up our theories and practices of
translation? Among the materials considered are translations by Edmund
Keeley and Philip Sherrard, James Merrill, and Marguerite Yourcenar,
commentary by E.M. Forster, C.M. Bowra, and Roman Jakobson, poems by W.H.
Auden, Lawrence Durrell, and Joseph Brodsky, and visual art by David
Hockney and Duane Michals. Though this course presupposes no knowledge of
Greek, students wanting to read Cavafy in the original are encouraged to
take the 1-credit directed reading tutorial offered simultaneously.

3-4pts. Dimitris Antoniou M 6:10-8:00pm 607 Hamilton Hall. *This course
explores the history and culture of modern Greece through film. It brings
the Greek cinema canon (Angelopoulos, Ferris, Gavras, Cacoyiannis,
Koundouros, et al.) into conversation with the work of contemporary
artists, documentary filmmakers, and the recent “weird wave.” In doing so,
the course addresses issues of memory and trauma, public history and
testimony, colonialism and biopolitics, neoliberalism and governmentality,
and crisis and kinship, and it asks: what kind of lens does film offer onto
the study of a society’s history and contemporary predicament? The viewing
and discussion of films is facilitated through a consideration of a wide
range of materials, including novels, criticism, archival footage, and
interviews with directors. The course does not assume any background
knowledge and all films will have English subtitles. An additional 1-credit
bilingual option (meeting once per week at a time TBD) is offered for
students who wish to read, view, and discuss materials in Greek.

*DIRECTED READINGS-GRKM V3997. 1-4 pts. *Designed for undergraduates who
want to do directed reading in a period or on a topic not covered in the

*DIRECTED READINGS-GRKM W4997. 3pts. *Designed for graduates who want to do
directed reading in a period or on a topic not covered in the curriculum.

*SENIOR RESEARCH SEMINAR-GRKM V3998. 1-4pts. *Designed for students writing
a senior thesis or doing advanced research on Greek or Greek Diaspora

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to download the flyer** as a .pdf. *

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