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The International Association of Greek Philosophy (IAGP)
The International Center of Greek Philosophy & Culture (ICGPC)
The South African Society for Greek Philosophy and the Humanities

and other academic and cultural institutions and organizations have
decided to organise the: 27th International Conference of Philosophy

on the topic:

Global Ethics and Politics
(In Relation to Ecological Philosophy and Other Crucial Issues of Our
Global Era)

All papers dealing with global ethics and politics and their
relationships to ecological issues will be considered for inclusion
in the Conference Programme. As usual, our present Conference aims to
bring together two main areas of research and investigation: The
Hellenic philosophical heritage and the modern philosophical trends
that grapple with the problems of our global age. Within this
framework the Conference will examine, among other things, the
following topics and themes:

Ι. Greek Ethical Theories and Our Global Era

1. Ethics and the Hellenic polis
2. Ethics and the cosmopolis
3. Greek philosophy and environmental issues (the world as cosmos and
kinships in the broadest sense of life)

II. Ethical Theories in Our Global Era

4. Ethical theories and their application in the global era (virtue
ethics, deontic ethics, consequentialism, capabilities ethics,
5. The ethics of the global environment (ethical concepts and
principles relating to environmental issues: Nature, resources and
the planet. Exploration of moral values, norms and responsibilities
that may apply globally. Environmental ethics and intergenerational
equity. Environmental ethics and global sustainability. Ethics and
global warming etc)
6. Cosmopolitan ethics
7. Ethics and global politics (Normative international relations
theory or international – world or global – ethics)
8. Technology and nanotechnology and global ethics

The Conference will be held in the town of Vouliagmeni (a famous sea
side resort of Athens coastal area) at Amarilia Hotel:

Amarilia Hotel
Saint Nicolas Str. 13
Athens 16671

For more info: http://www.hri.org/iagp

President of the Organising Committee
27th International Conference of Philosophy
5 Simonidou Str.
17456 Alimos (Athens)
Email: Secretariat at iagp.gr
Web: http://www.hri.org/iagp
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