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Subject: Expert Visit of Athens Heritage and Modernity in June

Dear Colleague,

I would like to inform you about our program in Athens, Greece.

Athens: Heritage and Modernity
Exploration of the coexistence between historic and modern Athens, Greece
June 28 - July 9, 2015 (check-in Saturday, June 27 - check-out Friday, July 10)

This 12 day visit of Athens is a thoughtful exploration of the history, preservation and conservation issues facing the city, organized around a series of lectures and visits lead by some of the top Athenian archaeologists, architects, historians, conservators and planners who have been dealing with the problem of surveying, planning, and preserving monuments and cultural heritage in the midst of a growing modern city.

The faculty of our program includes internationally renowned scholars, such as Dr. Manolis Korres, who was Chief Architect on the Acropolis Restoration Project. He was awarded in 2013 the Feltrinelli Prize by the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome for his distinguished work in Archaeology & Restoration and will be leading lectures and visits to the Acropolis area. Also on the faculty is Dr. Fani Mallouchou Tufano, an expert on the history of restoration who was director of the Documentation Office of the Acropolis Restoration Service and the new president of the jury for the annual European Committee Prizes for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards.

Please visit our website <http://iirpsathens.org/> and syllabus to see a complete list of faculty, lectures and visits. You will also find a flyer on our website, or reply to me and I can send you a copy.

The program is intended for people studying, or professionally involved in, the fields of: History, Archaeology, Architecture Art History, Architecture, Urban Planning, Museum Studies, Anthropology, Conservation and Historic Preservation, but is also open for people with a general interest in any of the above mentioned subjects.

Please forward this email to Professors or students that may be interested in this trip. Thank you.


Max Cardillo

Director, International Institute for Restoration & Preservation Studies

Please note: we are able to run our programs at low cost to participants by not running a large recruiting budget. If you no longer wish to receive news on our programs, please click on this link<http://iirps-athens.org/uf>.
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