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Dear Colleague,

Attached please find the Call for Papers for the "2016 International
Conference of Europeanists." Please help spread the word and circulate this
announcement to your colleagues, students, and administrators. I have
pasted the full text announcement below for your reference. My apologies
for any cross-posting!

Many thanks,


Ms. Henrike Dessaules
Programs Manager
Council for European Studies | Columbia University
420 West 118th Street, MC 3307
New York, NY   10027
T: 212-854-4172 | F: 212-854-8808


*Call for Papers: 23rd International Conference of Europeanists*

“Resilient Europe?"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. • April 14-16, 2016
Organized by the Council for European Studies

Resilience is the capacity to survive, to bounce back and to innovate in
the wake of extraordinary stress or unexpected crises. Psychologists view
resilience as a character trait. Today, researchers and scholars of all
stripes are beginning to understand resilience as constitutive of societies
as well as of individuals.

The Program Committee for the 23rd International Conference of Europeanists
invites participants to consider contemporary Europe’s capacity for
resilience. Since the financial crisis began in 2008, stresses and shocks
of various sorts have posed dilemmas that challenge Europe’s resilience in
economic, political, and cultural domains. How will European economies
confront slow growth and austerity, as well as the atrophy of “social
Europe” and the growth of inequality? How will demographic decline combined
with immigration and assimilation affect the ethnic composition of Europe?
Will the protracted Eurozone crisis and waning public support for European
institutions and policies alter the viability of the European project? How
will secular Europe confront the challenges of religious mobilization? How
will European democracies confront the rise of nationalist parties and the
valorization of “illiberalism” as viable political practice? Can Europe
remain a “Normative Power,” a force for liberalism, democracy and the rule
of law in the world, in the face of rising powers and resurgent

The Council for European Studies (CES) seeks proposals that explore these
questions and the quality of resilience in Europe. It encourages proposals
from the widest range of disciplines and, in particular, proposals that
combine disciplines, nationalities, and generations. CES invites proposals
for panels, roundtables, book discussions and individual papers on the
study of Europe, broadly defined, and strongly encourages participants to
submit their proposals as part of an organized panel. Full panel proposals
will be given top priority in the selection process. To form panels,
participants may find it useful to connect with like-minded scholars
through the many CES research networks, which can be found here:

*Deadlines:* Proposals may be submitted from August 17 to October 1, 2015.
Participants will be notified of the Program Committee’s decision by
December 10, 2015. Information on how to submit proposals will be posted on
the CES website and disseminated through its newsletter. To subscribe to
the CES newsletter visit: http://councilforeuropeanstudies.org/

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