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I would appreciate any information from the list's anthropologists or
mikrasiates or anyone else regarding the following tale (more on which,
including full text in Greek, may be found at
http://sillelis.blogspot.gr/2015/04/blog-post.html ):

*The sultan lost an eye while hunting deer, but a very skillful man made
him a glass eye that looked very real. Some time later though the glass eye
dropped in a lake during an otherwise pleasant boat trip, and no one could
find it, not even men from the sultan's elite forces. Worse yet, the
skillful man had departed on a trip and could not be found anywhere.
Finally, an unknow short, frail man managed to find it. The sultan was
delighted and offered to equal that man's weight in gold as a reward. To
everybody's surprise, the little man asked only for the glass eye's weight
in gold ... and to everybody's astonishment, the glass eye turned out to be
heavier than all the sultan's riches that could be brought to the various
scales employed! The sultan was desperate and a passing poor old woman,
with only one tooth left, saw him crying in the garden: she asked him about
his problem and assured him that she can fix everything, asking only for
the right to eat quality bread at the palace; and, yes, she asked for the
smallest scale, placed on it the glass eye covered by black cloth, and the
glass eye now weighted no more than one golden lira! "You can never satisfy
the eye", said the old lady, digging her one tooth into that bread; "the
more it sees, the more it wants"*


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