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Interestingly, both reviewers fail to mention Greece and/or the Greeks,
despite "a quarter of the book being devoted to Merrill's rich and
life-long relation to Greece and to his relationships with Greeks"!

[To be precise, there is momentary reference to a house Merrill owned in
Athens (first review) and to Kimon Friar's Greek origins (second review).]

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And a good review of the book in the NYT April 15.
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> List members with an interest in literature and cultural history may be
> interested to know that a new biography of James Merrill has just come out.
> The author, Lanny Hammer, is Yale colleague and a staunch supporter of
> Hellenic studies on campus.
> A quarter of the book is devoted to Merrill's rich and life-long relation
> to Greece and to his relationships with Greeks. Kimon Friar had introduced
> Merrill to Greece and accompanied him on his first trip to the country.
> Unlike most 20th century Americans, Merrill all but ignores the classical
> tradition in favor of the contemporary Greece and its colloquial language
> and culture. An invaluable contribution to students and scholars of
> comparative literature. If anyone is interested for campus talks, I can
> bring you into contact with the author. We have taught together twice a
> course on Anglo-American and Greek authors and Lanny's knowledge of Greek
> literature is admirable.
> http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/04/13/out-of-this-world-books-dan-chiasson
> George
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