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Tatjana Aleksic atatjana at umich.edu
Wed Apr 15 09:39:47 PDT 2015

Dear list members,

My apologies for sending out a message that is not directly related to any
matters Greek, but this is a situation of unusual urgency.

Namely, on April 22 the long awaited sale of the largest Yugoslav film
studios will finally take place. The Avala Film Studios, that in
Yugoslavia’s heyday, besides hundreds of Yugoslav documentary and feature
films also produced some of the world's most sumptuous co-productions,
has been suffering the destiny of its founding country for about three
decades. The scandalous neglect of Yugoslav cultural heritage, that was the
subject of the awarded documentary CINEMA KOMUNISTO (2010) by Mila
Turajlić, has left the Avala Studios without funds and even such basics as
electricity, let alone any solution for the preservation of film material
that still lingers in their dusty corridors.

Since the Serbian state is selling the film catalogue with the buildings,
the entire archive of films produced in these studios will go the way of
neoliberal devastation of all things unprofitable.

I am the last person to believe that a petition can move mountains, but
perhaps we can at least raise awareness with someone who can do something
to help save the cultural heritage of an entire country. Please add your
valuable vote for the preservation of this vast Yugoslav film archive.
Spread and share the petition across social networks.

The link to the campaign is here:

The direct link to the petition is here:

Thank you

Tatjana Aleksic

University of Michigan

Comparative and Slavic Literature

3040 MLB

812 E Washington Str.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


atatjana at umich.edu
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