[MGSA-L] James Merrill and Greece

Syrimis, George george.syrimis at yale.edu
Wed Apr 15 08:34:29 PDT 2015

List members with an interest in literature and cultural history may be interested to know that a new biography of James Merrill has just come out. The author, Lanny Hammer, is Yale colleague and a staunch supporter of Hellenic studies on campus.

A quarter of the book is devoted to Merrill's rich and life-long relation to Greece and to his relationships with Greeks. Kimon Friar had introduced Merrill to Greece and accompanied him on his first trip to the country. Unlike most 20th century Americans, Merrill all but ignores the classical tradition in favor of the contemporary Greece and its colloquial language and culture. An invaluable contribution to students and scholars of comparative literature. If anyone is interested for campus talks, I can bring you into contact with the author. We have taught together twice a course on Anglo-American and Greek authors and Lanny's knowledge of Greek literature is admirable.


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