[MGSA-L] New book: Darwin's Footprint: Cultural Perspectives on Evolution in Greece (1880-1930s) by Maria Zarimis (2015, CEU Press)

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Darwin's Footprint 
Cultural Perspectives on Evolution in Greece (1880-1930s)
Darwin's Footprint is dealing with the impact of Darwinism in Greece, investigating how it has shaped the country in terms of its cultural and intellectual history, and in particular its literature. The book demonstrates that in the late 19th to early 20th centuries Darwinism and associated sciences strongly influenced celebrated Greek literary writers and other influential intellectuals in various areas such as "man's place in nature," the nature-nurture controversy, religion, as well as class, race, and gender.

"Maria Zarimis' book is a thorough and in-depth analysis of how mainstream Western scientific ideas found their way into the planning of the modern Greek society through the intermediation of literature." - Antonis Liakos, Professor of Contemporary History and History of Historiography, University of Athens

"The original and significant contribution this book makes to scholarship in its field derives from the fact that so little has been written, so far, about the influence of Darwin's writings and Darwinism on Greek literary and social culture. Thus the manuscript opens up an area of study that has been sadly neglected in Greek cultural life." - Peter Bien, Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College
340 pages including 15 black-and-white, and color illustrations, 2015 
 CEU Press Studies on the History of Medicine, Vol. 6.   978-963-386-077-9 cloth $60.00 / €45.00 / £38.00   978-963-386-100-4 paperback $35.00/ €27.00 / £22.00  CEU Press Studies in the History of Medicine
Darwin"s Footprint – Central European University Press

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