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Re Multinational corporations evading taxes ...

German Company is Top Tax Evader in Greece

Sotiria Nikolouli - Sep 29, 2014

A German company was found to be the biggest tax evader in Greece.

A court in Athens found that Hochtief, the German company that was running
the “Eleftherios Venizelos” Athens International airport was not paying VAT
for 20 years. It is estimated that Hochtief, will have to pay more than 500
million Euros for VAT arrears. Together with other outstanding payments,
like those to social security funds, it might have to pay more than 1
billion Euros.

It must be noted that under the “Troika” austerity programme Greek
employees lost around 400 million Euros from cuts to their salaries.

Hochtief, which is the biggest German Construction company, specializing in
airports, was also running the Athens International airport through a
subsidiary until 2013, when it sold it’s share to a Canadian company.
(source: neurope)

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