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From: Susannah Verney <deplan at otenet.gr> :

An article of possible interest to readers of the MGSA list:

Dynastic Politics: Family Ties in the Greek Parliament, 2000-2012
By Stratos Patrikios and Michalis Chatzikonstantinou

Fluctuations in the presence of dynastic politics in national legislatures are seen as an important indicator of political modernisation. Drawing on original biographical details of Greek Members of Parliament (MPs) from the six most recent parliamentary terms, we document the existence of a substantial and relatively stable pool of dynastic MPs. Their numbers only appear to shrink, albeit not too dramatically, in the 2012 elections, which also marked the collapse of the traditional party system. Findings highlight patterns of stability that have remained unnoticed under more visible shifts in party competition during the economic crisis.

Kaywords: Greece; Members of Parliament; Elections; Elites;
    Political Families; Crisis

South European Society and Politics
available for download from the early view (ahead of print) page

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