[MGSA-L] 100 Year Anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre: Special Colloquium, October 3, 2014

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Fri Sep 5 13:16:20 PDT 2014

A Special One-Day Colloquium, October, 3, 2014, at the SF State University Campus

"Revisiting Ludlow: Its Enduring Legacy"

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the Ludlow massacre, one of the
most violent conflicts in American labor history. A politicized site of
memory, Ludlow brings attention to immigrant subjectivities, working
class consciousness and interethnic solidarity, while it generates interest in
its resonance for the contemporary labor movement. The events surrounding
the strike and the families of the strikers at Ludlow attract the interest
of historians, archaeologists, journalists, poets and writers exploring social memory and
its politics, the literary representation of the past, academic activism,
public scholarship, and labor, ethnic and gender history. Local populations
and organized labor annually honor the memory of those miners, women and
children killed in the massacre.

To honor this special anniversary of the Ludlow massacre of 1914, the Center for
Modern Greek Studies at San Francisco State University will host the
colloquium, "Revisiting Ludlow: 1914/2014."  The colloquium brings together
scholars, artists, journalists, researchers and museum curators with the aim of
furthering the conversation about the scholarly and political significance
of this seminal event. Writers with a distinguished record of work on Ludlow
will introduce fresh perspectives and exchange ideas with scholars who are
engaging with the subject for the first time. The colloquium provides a
critical forum to present new scholarship and to revisit seminal texts on
Ludlow. The aim is to promote cross-fertilization across genres and
disciplines to further our understanding of Ludlow in relation to material
culture, ethnicity, transnationalism, usable pasts, women's activism, academic
politics, and the intersections of historical facts and fiction.

Participants include: writer and retired Professor of English, San Francisco Art
Institute, Zeese Papanikolas; poet and Professor of English, David Mason,
University of Colorado; historian, Professor Thomas Andrews, University of
Colorado; journalist Scott Martelle; Director of Labor Archives and Research at SF State,
Catherine Powell; archaeologist and Professor of Art History,  Kostis
Kourelis, Franklin and Marshall College; and the two co-organizers of the
event, Director of the Center for Modern Greek Studies at SF State, Professor
Martha Klironomos, and Greek American Studies scholar, Professor Yiorgos
Anagnostou, Ohio State University.

The event is scheduled for October 3, 2014, at the SFSU campus, room HUM
587, 10 am – 4 pm.

For additional information, please contact Martha Klironomos
(mkliro at sfsu.edu) or Yiorgos Anagnostou (anagnostou.1 at osu.edu).

Please check the Center for Modern Greek Studies' website for updates: moderngreekstudies.sfsu.edu

This event is being made possible by the generous support of the College of
Liberal and Creative Arts and the Center for Modern Greek Studies at SF
State University.

It is also co-sponsored by the Departments of English, History, Humanities, Labor
Archives and the American Studies program at San Francisco State

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