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If a library or an individual pursues this collection, would you please let the Transnational Studies Committee know.

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If anyone is interested, please contact Stephanie directly.



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Hello, Gonda,

I'm writing to see if you might know of anyone who would be interested in the donation of a small collection of vintage Greek sheet music from the early to mid-20th century.

I'm a Greek-American whose grandparents all immigrated here from various parts of Greece and Asia Minor during the early part of the 20th century.  Last year, my mom passed away at the age of 88.  In going through her belongings recently, I found a collection of about 55 pieces of sheet music in Greek, dating from about 1928 through the 1970s.  (I'd say that most pieces are from the 1930s and 1940s.)

Someone studying the Greek diaspora might find these a wonderful resource, so I'm hoping that I can find a scholar or library that would be able to give them a good home.  While doing research on historical societies for a totally different project, I stumbled across the Modern Greek Studies Association, and I thought, "Aha!  These might be the people who would have the answer to my sheet music question!"

I've pasted a complete list of the songs and any available publication dates below (and also attached the list as a text file, in case the Greek letters don't make it through cyberspace). (I apologize for any typos -- I was using an online Greek typewriter, and I'm sure I made lots of mistakes...)

Finally, if you or someone else might be interested in seeing images of the sheet music, I've made a little gallery of all the music here:

Thank you very much!

Stephanie Argy
(213) 448-2965


Tο ΠΑλνο Ταβερνακη
Μη Θαρρης πως Γλιτωσης
Η Πρωτη Αγαπη (1930) (2 copies)
Tο Κυπαρισσακι (1960)
Τρα-Λα-Λα Τρα-Λα-Λα/Εγω σου Βρηκα το σφυγμο (1952)
Θελω κεφια Θελω τρελλεζ (1958)
Εγω θα κοψω το κρασι (1958)
Αμγαλη Μικρουλα (1934) (2 copies)
Η Παιχνιδιαρα
Τι Εχεις κι' ολο Κλαις (1937)
Αστα τα μαλλακια συ/Το Τελευταιο Τραμ/Το Κοριτσι Θελει Θαλασσα (1957)
Βρε πρε πατηρησαμε που ψαραντησαμε/Σβυστε μ΄ απ΄ το χαρτη (1957)
Μιαν Μονην Ποθω (1935)
Αχ! Μα Πως (1938)
Το Αλανακι
Ο Μηνας Εχει/Ειμαι Αναρας
Zanoumba (1937)
Εγω και η Σεληνη (1960)
Τι σε Μελει Εσενανε/Τα Μαλλια σου τα κομμενα (1934)
Καλαματιανος (1934)
Εθνικος Υμνος (1939) (Two copies)
Η Διαμαντω μια Παπαδια (11935)
Ταγκο Των Ροδον (1928)
Θευγεις (1947)
Κι'ολο βρεχει βρεχει (1978)
Καποιο Δειλινο (1969)
Δυο Πρασινα Ματια (1945)
Ξημερωνει (1961)
Αι'Μαννοθλα'μ/Παιξε πλακιωτικη Κιθαρα (1951)
Ωμορφη Αθηνα (1941)
Ματια Βουρκωμενα (1967?)
Αθηνα (1961)
Ονειρο Απιστευτο (1961)
Τα Τραινα που φυλαν (1966)
Ξυπνα Γλυκεια μ'αγαπη (1934)
Τωρα Πια (Tu T'en Vas) (1976) (2 copies)
Καλαντα/Άγια Νηχτα/Αρχιμηνια
Δεν Ζεχνιεσαι (1978) (2 copies)
Ναναγαπη, να (1978) (2 copies)
Ζηλεγω (1937)
Της Πλακας τα Στενα (1935)
Κουραστηκα να σ'αγαπω (1938)
Γιατι Γιατι (1937)
Never on Sunday (1960)
Συγγνωμην σου ζητω (1938)
Τα Ματια
Μαρω (1938)
Σπανιολικο Τραγουδι
Καλο σου Ταξιδι (1947)
Αγιε Μου Γιοργη Λυκαββηττε Μου (1960)
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