[MGSA-L] New law could transfer control of unused buildings

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New law could transfer control of unused buildings


Municipalities and private companies may soon get a chance to take over
abandoned or empty buildings if a new bill drafted by the Environment
Ministry is voted through Parliament.

According to the proposed law, the interested party can go to court to seek
control of the property for 50 years. To do so, it must provide evidence
that the building is abandoned, obtain a municipal council decision, warn
the property owner, and describe the intended use. If the court gives the
green light, the new manager must carry out its plan within four years (six
years for listed buildings).

If the owner claims he intends to use his property, then the municipality
will have the right to ask for guarantees.

Observers express reservations about the bill, saying it infringes on the
right to property. Meanwhile, a building qualifies as abandoned if it has
not undergone any maintenance for eight years, has not been rented out for
one year, and is without electricity.

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