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> Subject: PANOS KOUTRAS & ATHINA RACHEL TSANGARI (tbc) at the Contemporary Greek Film Cultures Conference, Seattle, 8-9 May 2015
>> Dear list members,
>> On behalf of the Program Committee for the 'Contemporary Greek Film Cultures Conference 2015,' to be held this coming 8-9 May, in Seattle, I encourage you to send in your abstracts as soon as you can. Filming schedules permitting, I am also very pleased to announce that the conference's keynote presentations will feature the filmmakers PANOS KOUTRAS ("Strella"; "Xenia") and ATHINA RACHEL TSANGARI ("Attenberg," and founder of HAOS films). 
>> We look forward to seeing you at this exciting gathering. I append and attach details once again below,
>> Best,
>> Vangelis Calotychos
>> Visiting Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
>> Brown University
>> vangelis_calotychos at brown.edu
>>> From:  Nektaria Klapaki <nklapaki at u.washington.edu>
>>> Contemporary Greek Film Cultures Conference 2015
>>> An International Interdisciplinary Conference hosted by the Hellenic
>>> Studies Program at the University of Washington, Seattle, May
>>> 8-9, 2015
>>> Call for Papers
>>> The financial crisis since 2009 has devastated Greece, led to unprecedented
>>> political fragmentation and social turmoil, and threatened
>>> the cohesion of the European Union. It has also coincided with a number of
>>> international prize-winning films by a generation of young
>>> Greek filmmakers who have responded to the effects of the crisis on the
>>> Greek film industry in resourceful, creative, and compelling
>>> ways. Capturing the tumult of the current mayhem, these films offer
>>> surprising, innovative and subtle commentaries on the complex
>>> social, political and economic problems Greece is facing. They also
>>> reassert the centrality of film at a time when the Greek film
>>> industry is itself undergoing profound changes and serious challenges on
>>> account of the crisis.
>>> In order to acknowledge and assess the importance of contemporary Greek
>>> Cinema for Greek society and culture as well as in relation to
>>> European and global frames of cultural reference, the Hellenic Studies
>>> Program at the University of Washington is hosting the
>>> International Conference, Contemporary Greek Film Cultures 2015 on Friday,
>>> May 8 & Saturday, May 9, 2015. Held for the first time by a
>>> North American Hellenic Studies Program, this two-day conference is a
>>> continuation of the International Conference Contemporary Greek
>>> Film Cultures 2013 that took place at the Hellenic Centre in London in July
>>> 5-6, 2013, and was co-organized by researchers from the
>>> Universities of Glasgow and Reading. Set in Seattle, the 2015 conference
>>> venue is located far from Greece and in a city that has been
>>> marked by protests against some of the very same forces that have so
>>> negatively impacted Greece. Therefore, the conference organizers
>>> strongly encourage reflection upon the complexities of the geographical and
>>> cultural expansiveness of Greek film. What is Greek film?:
>>> Films made by Greeks? Greeks of the diaspora? Foreigners in Greece or
>>> elsewhere making films about Greece? How are these films being
>>> conceived, financed, made, viewed, and understood at this cultural moment?
>>> What do we make of the fact that European or international
>>> contexts are as much an integral part of production, distribution, and
>>> reception in Greek cinema as they are of what has been
>>> mischaracterized, by some, until recently as a “Greek” crisis.
>>> Beyond this specific focus, the 2015 conference also aims to bring together
>>> established scholars, early career faculty and young
>>> researchers in order to expand and build upon the full range of areas
>>> discussed in past and recent scholarship on Greek Film Studies.
>>> In addressing the topics listed below, the conference will:
>>> • examine ways in which new research methodologies and theoretical
>>> perspectives can further our understanding of contemporary Greek
>>> Cinema
>>> • propose innovative research frameworks as regards the production,
>>> distribution and audiences of contemporary Greek Cinema;
>>> • reflect upon the recent positioning of the Greek film industry in a novel
>>> network of relationships linking cultural practices and
>>> economic realities, domestic and international agendas.
>>> Alongside distinguished keynote addresses to be confirmed, we invite
>>> proposals for papers within and across a variety of disciplines
>>> and fields. Suggested topics include but are not limited to:
>>> (Greek) Filmmakers’ Response to the Greek Financial Crisis
>>> Greek Films and Political Activism
>>> Greek Films and Violence
>>> Representations of Youth Cultures in Contemporary Greek Films
>>> Films and History
>>> Documentaries on the Historical Experiences of the Greeks
>>> Films on the Jews of Greece
>>> Gender and Contemporary Greek Cinema
>>> Evolution of Greek Film Genres
>>> Relationship between Contemporary Greek Film and Television
>>> Greek Films in European and International Contexts
>>> Greek Films in the Art-World Context
>>> Greek Film Studies
>>> Cypriot Cinemas
>>> Film Practice-as-Research
>>> Greek Film Festival Studies in Greece, in the Diaspora, and Globally
>>> Greek Film Reception and Audience Studies
>>> Greek Film, Displacement and Migration
>>> Films between Art and Popular Culture
>>> Production and Distribution Cultures of Contemporary Greek Cinema
>>> Call for papers new deadline: November 23, 2014
>>> Abstracts of a 300-word length for a 20-minute paper that engage with these
>>> topics, along with a 50-word biographical note, should be
>>> submitted electronically to contemporarygreekfilm2015 at gmail.com
>>> Please make sure to send the proposal as an attachment and include “2015
>>> Conference Proposal” in the topic line of your email.
>>> All submissions will be judged by blind review on the basis of their
>>> individual merit. Those who submit an abstract will be notified
>>> by December 15th as regards the results of their submission.
>>> Conference participants are expected to cover their own travel expenses.
>>> There will be a pre-registration fee of $90 (faculty; general
>>> public) and $60 (students) for the conference.
>>> The organizers are looking into the possibility of a publication that will
>>> feature a selection of papers from the conference.
>>> Program Committee
>>> Vangelis Calotychos (Chair)
>>> Mikela Fotiou
>>> Dan Georgakas
>>> Frank Hess
>>> Tonia Kazakopoulou
>>> Kostis Kornetis
>>> Toby Lee
>>> Lydia Papadimitriou
>>> Philip Phillis
>>> Local Arrangements Committee
>>> The conference will be hosted by the Hellenic Studies Program Local
>>> Arrangements Committee consisting of Taso Lagos (Chair) and
>>> Nektaria Klapaki, as well as staff of the Center for West European Studies
>>> and the Jackson School of International Studies.

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