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The MurderessAthens Concert Hall
[image: Θεατρικές Παραστάσεις - Χορευτικές Παραστάσεις - The Murderess]

Opera in two acts with libretto by Yannis Svolos, based on the eponymous
novel by Alexandros Papadiamantis

19.11.2014 till 26.11.2014

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*The murderess*, the new opera by *Giorgos Koumendakis*, directed by
Efklidis* and conducted by *Vassilis Christopoulos* is presented from
19* to *November, 26 *at the *Athens Concert Hall*.

By commissioning the composition of a new opera to Giorgos Koumendakis, the
Greek National Opera proves its support to Greek creativity. Koumendakis is
one the most important Greek composers with a clear and distinct personal
idiom, who, although remaining within the context of a contemporary music
language, draws upon elements of the *Greek folklore tradition* in a
productive manner. This is precisely the aspect of Koumendakis' music that
matches ideally with *Papadiamantis' "Murderess"*, this masterwork of the
Modern Greek literature, on which this new opera is based.

The composer notes: "I allowed the music to wander and express without
constraints the inner psyche of Frangoyannoù, reaching to areas that reason
fails to see. I tried to reach for the hidden corners of the
psychopathological, psychoneurotic, dynamic, austere and undoubtedly
complex personality that is incarnated through the compelling approach of
the Grand Papadiamantis. In fact, much too often the dividing line between
the heroine and the author fades, becoming inside me a single character.
While I was composing the Murderess, I tried to forget her physical
appearance, her age, the features of her face and turn to and reach out for
the mind, which, according to Papadiamantis, ‘is exalted'".

*The Orchestra* and *Chorus of the GNO* participate in the performances.

Conductor: Vassilis Christopoulos
Director: Alexandros Efklidis

Sets: Petros Touloudis
Costumes: Petros Touloudis - Ioanna Tsami
Lighting: Vinicio Chelli
Chorus master: Agathangelos Georgakatos
Children's Chorus mistress: Mata Katsouli

Frangoyannoù (The murderess): *Irini Tsirakidou*
Maroussò: *Elena Kelessidi*
Ioassaf: *Tassos Apostolou*
Delcharò: *Georgia Eliopoulos*
Yannis Perivolàs: *Kostis Rasidakis*
Yannoù: *Ines Zikou*
Xenoula's mother: *Evdokia Hatzioannou*
First police officer: *Nikos Stefanou*
Magistrate: *Vangelis Maniatis*
Second police officer/Assesor: *Dimitris Nalbantis*
Kriniò: *Niki Chaziraki *
Toula: *Vassia Zacharopoulou*
Myrsouda: *Theodora Baka*
Doctor: *Dionyssis Tsantinis*
Amersa: *Ines Zikou *
Konstantìs: *Vangelis Maniatis*
Polyphonic ensemble: *Irini Derebei, Maria Melachrinou, Martha Mavroidi,
Maria Kotti*
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