[MGSA-L] Modern Greek Seminar: 11/18: Greek Crisis and Social Criticism: From democracy to demo-crisis

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The Modern Greek Seminar at the University Seminars Program

& The Program in Hellenic Studies

invite you to

 *Greek Crisis and Social Criticism: From democracy to demo-crisis *

By Prof. Antonis Liakos

*Tuesday, November 18, 6:30-8:30pm, 401 Hamilton Hall*

Criticism of recent Greek history has acquired a retrospective character,
through the principles of what “ought to be” a post-welfare state. The
diagnosis of the illness is not a natural description of the symptoms, nor
a neutral explanation of them, but an intentional interpretation with the
criterion of what is “healthy” and what not. As a consequence, the need for
reforms, which is the *idée fixe* of any approach to the Greek case,  is
the offspring of a new conception of governance, spread around the world in
the previous decades. From this point of view, Greece’s reluctance or
incapacity to meet the new requirements has driven it from the healthy
community of nations, and pushed it into the realm of crisis. Greece was at
odds with the governing rules of the new economy. Crisis is not the
offspring of Greek history alone, but of the entanglement of national and
transnational history.


Antonis Liakos is Professor of Contemporary History and History of
Historiography at the University of Athens, chair of the Board of the
International Commission for History and Τheory of Historiography
(2010-2015) and managing editor of the journal *Historein*.   His work
covers a wide variety of topics related to modern and contemporary
political and social history, the history of nationalism and the history of
historiography. His latest books include "The Return of the Little Red
Riding Hood" (2014), "Apocalypse, Utopia, History. Transformations of
Historical Consciousness" (2011), "How the Past is Transformed into
History" (2007).

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