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House of Greek National Poet Kostis Palamas Sold


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by Philip Chrysopoulos
<http://greece.greekreporter.com/author/chrisopoulos/> - Nov 1, 2014
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[image: palamas_spiti660]
<http://greece.greekreporter.com/files/palamas_spiti660.jpg>The Patras
<http://greece.greekreporter.com/tag/patras/> house where Greek national
poet Kostis Palamas was born, is sold to a Greek businessman who lives and
works in the USA. The 75-year-old man, who also hails from Patras, is
planning to turn the house into a museum.

According to patratora.gr, the contract states that the house is bought by
US resident Athanasios Stefanopoulos and will be transformed to “Olympism,
Arts and Letters Museum,” which will be given to the Patras Artists

Before its transformation into a museum
<http://greece.greekreporter.com/?s=museum>, the house will be restored and
renovated under the Culture Ministry’s supervision.

President of Patras Αrtists Association Theodoros Mallias made an
announcement, stating that “the soul of our great national poet Kostis
Palamas will be reborn in the home he loved so much. Inside the Olympism,
Letters and Arts Museum, the people of Patras and visitors across the world
will relive the sacred gift our poet gave to mankind. The timeless,
prophetic and universal Olympic Anthem, a priceless legacy.”

Palamas (1859-1943) was a central figure of the Greek literary generation
of the 1880s and one of the co-founders of the New Athenian School of

He wrote his first collection of poems, “Songs of Our Fatherland”, in 1886.
In 1896, he wrote the words to the Olympic Hymn, composed by Spyridon
Samaras, for the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece. From
then on, he was informally called Greece’s “national poet.” In 1958, his
Olympic Hymn was declared the official Olympic Anthem. He was twice
nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature but never received it.
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