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AP PHOTOS: Greek graffiti artists spray thoughts
The Associated PressMarch 26, 2014

ATHENS, GREECE — Ancient Greeks chiseled their messages, often rude or
boastful, into marble. They would probably be amazed how the illicit art
form has evolved in the country's capital centuries later.

Graffiti covers entire buildings, trains, and is disrespectfully scrawled
on the statues of respected ancestors. The vandals are often graduates of
Greece's fine arts schools, who have sometimes spun their street art into

Loudly expressing opinions is a national pastime that has only grown more
raucous during the social upheaval caused by Greece's deep financial
crisis. Vacant storefronts, acres of shutters reinforced against rioters
are the canvases that have helped attract artists from Greece and abroad to
spray their thoughts in Athens.

Mindless tagging this is not: Violent confrontations with police, stateless
children of immigrants, and the rise of a political party whose leaders
were inspired by Nazi Germany are among the issues turned into art.

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