[MGSA-L] McGillFilm screening and panel discussion: Europe and Greece: a history full of orientalist stereotypes ?

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Wed Mar 26 13:29:46 PDT 2014

Friday March 28th: 6-8.30

Europe and its Greece: a history full of orientalist stereotypes ?

Venue : Leacock 219

Film screening and panel discussion
Brazilero (Sotiris Gkoritsas, 2001, with english subtitles)

Synopsis : Somewhere on a Greek island, a businessman tries to deal with the European Union inspectors sent from Brussels to audit his company and discover what he did with the EU subsidies he was granted. His efforts to deal with the issue change many things in his personal life as well in the lives of other people. The movie also offers us a panorama of the multifaceted, intricate connections associated to a very complex and asymmetrical relationship between a small insular community based on interpersonal relations and the impersonal “Europe”.

Q & A Panel discussion with :
           Sotiris Gkoritsas (Film director - Artist in residence)
           Dimitris Gkintidis (Anthropologist, Mary Seeger Boyle postdoctoral fellow, Princeton University)
           Tassos Anastassiadis (McGill University, History)

This tragi-comedy relates to all these countries/regions (from Bosnia and Kosovo in ex Yugoslavia to French Antilles and from Sicily in Italy to Ghana and Afghanistan) dealing with the sudden downpour of funds and experts from "distant" IGOs and NGOs acting in the name of  "development".

Sotiris Gkoritsas is spending a week working on his new scenario with the McGill Modern Greek students.

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