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Of possible interest to a number of disciplines, scholars and more. Please circulate as you deem appropriate.


O4H inspirations and bridges across time, disciplines, policy and practice

Registration is now open for the (a) 2014 Olympism4Humanity Summit and (b) the 2014 Olympism4Humanity Praxis Summer Program!!!

Light up “your torch” and build your Olympism4Humanity legacy at the birthplace of the Olympic spirit.

Under the patronage of Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou<http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/vassiliou/about/priorities/index_en.htm>, Member of the European Commission,<http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/education_culture/index_en.htm> the International Olympic Academy<http://www.ioa.org.gr/>, Georgetown University<http://www.georgetown.edu/>, the International Olympic Truce Center<http://www.olympictruce.org/index.php?lang=en> and the O4H Alliance<http://olympism4humanity.com/olympia-alliance/>, proudly announce two events that will take place at the birthplace of the ancient Olympic spirit: The 2014 O4H Summit<http://olympism4humanity.com/2014-olympism4humanity-praxis-summit/> and the 2014 O4H Praxis Summer Program<http://olympism4humanity.com/olympia-praxis-summer-program/>.

Olympia4Humanity Alliance is a global consortium of prominent world leading Conflict Resolution, Global Health, International Development, Global Citizenship, Disability and Human-centered Olympism Legacy experts and agencies.

The first program is a 5-day O4H Summit, which will take place in Athens and Ancient Olympia on June 28th- July 2nd, 2014, titled "O4H inspirations and bridges across time, disciplines, policy and practice". This summit will serve as a platform for introspection- and another step towards the establishment of a global consortium of academics, policymakers and practitioners in which the power of sport and Olympism, will be further explored to advance scholarship, educational programs, training and mobility. Click here for more information about the 2014 O4H  Summit.<http://olympism4humanity.com/2014-olympism4humanity-praxis-summit/>

The second program is the 2014 O4H Praxis Summer Program, building on the great success of the first Olympism, Sport for Peace and Development professional training that took place in ancient Olympia last summer. O4H will offer the an 11-day residential professional development program.

The 2014 O4H Praxis Summer Program (June 28th-July 8th, 2014), will provide extensive training on applied skills and competencies related to: (a) applied Olympic Education and Olympism in Action foundations, (b) evidence-based and inclusive program design and delivery, (c) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), (d) non-profit and special event management, (e) fundraising strategies and grant proposal writing, (f) curriculum development for formal and non-formal educational systems (e.g. community and after school programs, primary secondary and tertiary education), (h) Olympic and Paralympic Games & Mega Event Human-centered Legacies. Click here for more information about the O4H Praxis Summer Program<http://olympism4humanity.com/olympia-praxis-summer-program/>.

In addition to Olympism4Humanity Summit & Praxis Summer Program, IOTC and O4H are working together for the successful implementation, evaluation and sustainability of the 2014 Imagine Peace Youth Camp<http://olympism4humanity.com/imagine-peace-youth-camp/>, to be held in Ancient Olympia in July 26-31, 2014.

For information about the first O4H Praxis Summer Program that was held in Olympia in summer 2013 please click here. <http://olympism4humanity.com/inaugural-o4h-summer-praxis-program-june-july-2013/>

Both, O4H Summit and O4H Praxis Summer Program applications can be submitted online.

Be part of history- make your first steps towards your O4H legacy and light up your O4H torch by submitting your application here<http://olympism4humanity.com/electronic-application/>.

 Copyright 2013. Olympism4Humanity ©. All rights reserved.

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